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Write it again in letters very bold

As you grow, we must face it, old,

And evenings and sunsets and dawns,

Apart from fazed out theological yawns,

We are all still alive and striving

Into new days signed by God revealing,

The final statement born eternally above

Is about the clear admission we can love.

So speaks the Plato dropped in a City street

Or better abandoned to find a new home

Quite distinct from any millennium dome

Together day by day the whole world we greet.

One man arrives, Plato sees him, with paper

Clean white and empty reaching for deeper

Messages beyond present vacuous planning

So theories all fall apart and deep loving

Transcending the present passing experience

And all will come to some new world sense

About the abandoned powerless and hopeless

Who day by day in half-light live lifeless.

Don’t be silly says Plato head sadly wagging

They’ve more sense of life than you have known

Even half-light of twilight they turn into dawn

And find their fullness in a life of loving.

Plato COLLECTED POEMS Vol. I, p. 3.


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