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St.Paul: formation, conversion and life as Apostle to the gentiles. 7 audio talks

1. 🎧 (46 mins)Social, religious and political setting of the early Christian Church. Why the early Christians were persecuted.

2. 🎧(43 mins)Geography of Jerusalem and Palestine. The shaping of Paul: the geographical background and Paul's studies in Tarsus and Jerusalem leading to him becoming a Pharisee

3. 🎧(58 mins) From Persecutor to Apostle. St. Paul's relationship with Jesus and the early Church before, during and after his conversion experience on the road to Damascus

4. 1st Journey: to and from Antioch, describing the social background of the early Christians in that bustling, wealthy city and the conflicts with the established Jewish community and the tensions within the Christians between Jewish and Gentile converts.

5. 🎧 (47 mins). 2nd Journey: through Asia minor, Galatia, Macedonia, Corinth; return to Jerusalem and Antioch.

6.🎧(54 mins) Corinth and Jerusalem

7. 🎧(48 mins) Final years


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